Gower Cycling Festival

Saturday, August 18, 2018 to Saturday, August 25, 2018

Starts at Dunvant Rugby Club


This will be the ninth Gower Cycling Festival. This page provides just about all you need to know: specifically details of the 22 'rides' (One of which is not a ride but a party.), how to register and accommodation. Contact one of us (See bottom of page.) if you want to know more.
There will again be camping at the Dunvant RFC. (See "Accommodation" below.) This forms a convenient base as most of the rides start from it. It is also significantly cheaper than the commercial alternatives.
The Festival Registration fee remains at £5 (Children under 16 free.) This entitles you to unlimited rides. It is payable in advance. (See "Registration" below.) Note that this can be done off- or on-line. However if you join just the rides marked [ ] in the programme (See below.) there is no charge.
The following sections cover the Festival in detail. The "Rides" section provides information about them in the form of two downloadable pdfs. This Poster is downloadable, so please feel free to print it and display it wherever.



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