First Annual Calon Lân Festival

Friday, May 15, 2020

Friday 15th May, 2020 at Mynyddbach Chapel

We are very proud to announce that we, the Calon Lân Centre, are to introduce to Wales and the UK a brand new annual literature and music festival! On Friday 15th May, the First Annual Calon Lân Festival will take place to celebrate the legacy of Calon Lân and the life and works of its author, Welsh Bard Daniel James (Gwyrosydd).

Why this date? Well, 2020 marks 100 years since the passing of Daniel James who is laid to rest at the Calon Lân Centre, Mynyddbach Chapel in Swansea. As part of the festival, a special Summer Concert will take place at the Calon Lân Centre. 

We are working very hard together with a number of amazing organisations and people, and will have more details for you as plans unfold. Nevertheless, we are so happy to be able to do this – to honour the legacy of one of Swansea’s greatest bards, Gwyrosydd, author of Calon Lân and volumes more poetic literature! 

Stay posted both on our website and on our specially dedicated Calon Lan Festival Website here.

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