Buses & Blooms

Sunday, May 20, 2018

On Sunday, May 20th from 10am to 4pm we will be holding our late spring event, Buses & Blooms, which draws visiting vehicles and enthusiasts from far and wide, but also offers lots for families. Among the attractions on this date will be none other than the kiddies’ favourite character, Fireman Sam, who will also be bringing with him lots of giveaway goodies. There will be stalls and tasty refreshments too.

As well as this there will be the opportunity to look at other vehicles from the past including lorries, cars, vans, jeeps, Land Rovers and some stunning American cars. Highlight of the day for many will be the opportunity to ride on a heritage bus, many of which operated on local routes during their former life. If you are lucky you may even grab a seat on one of our open toppers heading along the majestic sweep of Swansea Bay to Limeslade, Mumbles, and the chance to grab a delicious ice cream at Fortes ice cream parlour.

There’s also a chance to meet some of the people who are helping to preserve Swansea’s road transport and the chance to become a member and help them along the way.

Just as the trees are bursting into leaf and the flowers are blossoming is bursting across the city, what better way to witness this super seaside spectacle than from the upper deck of an open top bus.  

If you are coming there’s another bonus: visitor parking will be free at Landore Park and Ride site with visitors being bussed to the show aboard a heritage vehicle. Once there visitors can take as many bus rides as they can fit in.

More information at www.swanseabusmuseum.com

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