Hwyl Events - Discounts for TSB Members and Your Guests

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Buy tickets to Hwyl Events...and as a Tourism Swansea Bay member, get a 10% discount for you or for your guests!

For 2018 Hwyl Events, organisers Carmarthenshire Tourism Association are offering a discount on ticket prices for the region's holiday accommodation providers to pass onto their visiting guests.  And better still, they are also offering ALL members of Carmarthenshire Tourism Association a 10% discount on ticket prices. (As well as those who are members of our friends at Pembrokeshire Tourism and ourselves Tourism Swansea Bay)

This will be a great way for you to enjoy real Welsh experiences at a discounted rate and learn more about the South West Wales region tourism offering. It is also a great way to pass a discount onto your guests who may be staying with you in Swansea / Neath Port Talbot and who want to venture out and explore the South West Wales region during their stay.

The first event is being held on Saturday 14th July and it will be a really special one - HwylNos on the Gwili Railway...

How many places can you listen to a storyteller, a harpist and male voice choir whilst enjoying a Welsh 3-course meal...ON A MOVING STEAM RAILWAY?!  It will be a very memorable and unique evening...
You can use your discount to buy tickets for yourselves - and also to pass onto your guests/visitors. Take a look at the dates below, and if you have guests and customers confirmed at that time, get in touch with Carmarthenshire Tourism Association to book and encourage your guests to come along - let them know that you can access a 10% discount for them!

If you're planning some promotional activities to attract customers over the summer months (e.g. emails, social media, blogs) then please do include details of things to do whilst they're in the area - and of course, our new Hwyl Events!  

Upcoming Events

HwylNos on the Gwili Railway: 6.30pm Saturday 14th July

Step back in time for an evening travelling on a steam railway, whilst enjoying a taste of Wales.  Enjoy a 3-course meal whilst the train chugs away through the countryside - and whilst  being entertained by harpist - Lucy Jones, storyteller - Carl Gough and Carmarthen Male Voice Choir

Tickets: £30 (with 10% discount for Tourism Swansea  Bay members - £27)

Click for full details

HwylNos at Llety Cynin: 7pm Friday 27th July.  

Enjoy a relaxed evening at award-winning Llety Cynin, on the outskirts of St Clears. Be treated to a 2-course meal, and a night hosted by Aled Rhys Jones - with harp performances, dancing by folk dance group, Dawnswyr Talog (and a chance to join in!) and classically trained soprano, Catrin Ann.

Tickets: £17.50 (with a 10% discount for Tourism Swansea Bay members - £15.75)

Click for full details

Hwyl @ the Garden: 10am - 4pm Thursday 23rd August

A fun-filled event for all the family at the National Botanic Garden of Wales. Full of exciting indoor and outdoor interactive activities celebrating all things Welsh, including music, dance, stories, games - as well as the usual Garden favourites.

Tickets: Normal Garden admission applies (Use your Tourism Swansea Bay membership card for free entry for the cardholder and one other person!)

Click for full details

HwylNos on the Gwili Railway: 6.30pm Friday 31st August

Step back in time for an evening travelling on a steam railway, whilst enjoying a taste of Wales.  Enjoy a 3-course meal whilst the train chugs away through the countryside - and whilst being entertained by harp performances, storyteller - Nick Brunger and Côr Seingar Choir

Tickets: £30 (with 10% discount for Tourism Swansea Bay members - £27)

Click for full details

To Access your Member Discount

You can either call Carmarthenshire Tourism Association during office hours to make payment directly (on 01269 598140) Or if you prefer to book online (e.g. if you need to book out of office hours), then purchase them as normal, and Carmarthenshire Tourism Association can arrange to refund you the 10% discount.   

They'll need to have the basic details for your visitors - to help with the event plans, and also so that they can keep track on where those attending the Hwyl Events are coming from.  So, they'll need to have name/s, home postcode and either email or phone number.  

It's Easy for your Business to Benefit from Hwyl Events...

Attract New Bookings: Share details in your promotional activities - whether on your website, emails or social media.  This is a chance to contact past and potential customers to highlight 'another great reason to visit Carmarthenshire'...and of course, to also enjoy your particular visitor offer...

Get Engagements on Social Media:  Like our new Hwyl Events Facebook Page and follow Hwyl Events on Twitter.  Like, share, retweet our posts so that your customers and potential customers can see the exciting details!  (We've noticed that a few members are already doing this - great to see!)

Something Extra for Confirmed Visitors:  Keep updated on our Hwyl Events calendar.  If you have guests and customers already booked for the event dates, get in touch with them before they arrive to tell them about some of the great things that they can do whilst visiting - and about our exciting Hwyl Events!  We're sure they'll have a great time - and important for you is that happy visitors usually means returning visitors!  

And as a Thank you...Get Discounted Tickets:  
As a CTA, TSB or PT member, you can access a 10% discount on tickets prices for your guests and customers, and of course for yourselves!

It gives you the chance to offer a bit of extra customer service by passing on the savings to them -  Or you could offer event tickets as an incentive, or as part of a bundle or package.

Hwyl Events Website - http://www.hwylevents.wales

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