HAVE YOUR SAY...Delivering a Tax Cut for Small Businesses – a New Small Business Rates Relief Scheme for Wales

Friday, August 4, 2017

Your our views are required on the policy proposals for delivering a permanent small business rates relief (SBRR) scheme for Wales.
From 1 April 2018 a new SBRR scheme will be introduced in Wales. This permanent scheme aims to more effectively target support for small businesses. Consultation is underway on proposals that include:

  • limiting relief for businesses qualifying for SBRR across multiple properties
  • reviewing current and future exceptions from SBRR 
  • increasing support for eligible small businesses
  • providing additional relief for certain sectors which support wider Government objectives, for example the childcare sector 
  • longer term considerations for the scheme

Please find attached:

Please submit your comments by 13 October 2017.

How to Respond: 

Local Taxation Policy Branch
Cathays Park
CF10 3NQ
Email: LGF1Consultations@gov.wales

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