Proposed Tourism Tax for Wales - Have your Say

Monday, December 4, 2017

A new Tourism Tax is being proposed for Wales - being one of 4 new Welsh tax ideas published alongside the recent draft Budget.

Each of these ideas will be developed further over the course of the next few months and one new tax idea will be proposed to the UK Government in 2018 to test the Wales Act powers.

Details of the tax are very limited to date, but it's evident that the industry in Swansea Bay and the whole of Wales are very concerned about this.  You just need to type 'Wales Tourism Tax' into Google and a long list of articles stating the industry's concerns over the potential negative impacts pop up.  With the majority of businesses feeling that the introduction of this new tax will harm the hospitality and tourism sector and is simply not a fair tax.

Useful Overview of Potential Impacts

An article written by the Wales Tourism Alliance (WTA), gives a really useful overview to the Tax and its potential impacts and barriers to our industry here in Wales.  Read it here

You can see the latest press release by the WTA here

Toursm Tax and Its potential impact on Tourism in Wales - A report by Professor Annette Pritchard completed at the request of the WTA - PDF download here

Important - Have your Say

The Tourism Tax is one of 4 new Welsh tax ideas.  A short online poll has been launched by the Welsh Government to get feedback on each of these and to help them decide which to take forward.

If you've not already done so - please make sure that you do complete this poll.  It's vital that the Welsh Government gets a response that reflects the true opinions of the industry.  If you sit back and do nothing, then they'll think that we're all happy with the proposal!

It will only take a few minutes to complete.  English language and Welsh language versions of the poll are linked below:

English Poll

Welsh Poll

You can also give us your feedback directly - we want to know your thoughts / concerns on the proposed tax - you can contact us on 01792 371441 / 

What else can you do?

So like us, you've filled in the poll. What else can you do?

Write to your local Assembly Minister.  Make sure that they get a true sense of the concerns and potential impacts of this new tax on the tourism industry, which is vital to the economy of Swansea Bay and Wales - and importantly, as we've done, demand more detail on this proposed tax.  You can find your local AM here

We at Tourism Swansea Bay represent our members and county's tourism trade on Visit Wales' South West Wales Tourism Forum. 

Nic Beggs, committee member of Tourism Swansea Bay and Chair of the South West Wales Tourism Forum has sent a letter on behalf of the Forum to the Treasury passing on the strong concerns over the negative impacts of this potential new tax on our industry and to demand for more information on what this new tax would look like and how it would work...

We will keep our members up-date as we get any further information...


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